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When Chip proposed, I had just finished my first week of physical therapy school. I was excited and eager to start on all the fun of planning a wedding, but that had to take a back seat to studying. Now, I am finished with my first semester (!!!) and I had a short break that gave me a little time to focus on some of the fun details.

The Dress

First of all, we went dress shopping, and I found my dress! It’s a good thing we went ahead and did that too because apparently it takes 6 months for the dress to come in and then another 8 weeks for alterations. Jeez. Anyway, the dress is amazing, and I couldn’t be happier. Obviously, I cannot post a picture here because Chip is not supposed to see it until the big day!

The China

One of the other things I’m most excited about is that I have officially chosen the china and the silverware that I am going to register for. I never would have imagined that I would be so enthusiastic about this part, but I had a lot of fun picking them out, and I am so happy with the ones I found!

I had been looking at china patterns online but had yet to see any in real life. After looking around at several stores, Mom and I finally found the pattern that I had been eyeing online. And I loved it even more in person!

It’s a Villeory & Boch pattern called Anmut. It is an updated design of one of their china patterns from the 1920s. I wanted something simple and classic that could work for everyday eating and fancy dinner parties… and I think this is the one!

Also, I’m in love with the cream soup bowl:

This bowl reminds me of when I studied abroad in Austria and there was this cafe across the street from our dorms where I would go to get a cappuccino and a bowl of creamy tomato soup that was served in a cute bowl with handles JUST LIKE THIS ONE! When I saw this bowl, it definitely sealed the deal on this china pattern for me. As soon as I get these bowls, you better believe the first thing I’m going to do is make a creamy tomato soup and fantasize about Europe! Perhaps this one? Or this one?? I have a while to decide…

The Silverware

Also from Villeroy & Boch. The set is called Merlemont. I also spotted these online first, but I knew I needed to see them in person to know for sure if they were what I wanted. We found them at a china store, and they the perfect size, perfect weight, and they look great with the china.

We also looked at some pots and pans and knives, and I am definitely pumped about upgrading our kitchen tools. We also need to look at food processors, mixers, and other appliances. Basically, we need everything. I been trying to look at lists online to get an idea of what we need like this Epicurious First Kitchen Checklist, but any ideas would be appreciated! What is the kitchen tool or appliance you can’t live without?