Last Thursday, I turned 24, which means I am dangerously close to being a quarter of a century old. To celebrate, Caroline made me a fabulous chocolate espresso cake that had espresso buttercream between the layers and a dark chocolate ganache on top. Maybe if you’re nice to her she will tell you the recipe. Or better yet, make you one, too!

Fun Fact: Back in high school I made a list of all the fun things I thought I should do before I turned 25. As if after that, my youth would be over, and I would automatically turn into a “real adult.” According to my high school self, I have one more year to go sky diving, run a marathon, travel to every continent, and some other crazy things I can’t remember right now. I’m pretty sure getting married was not on the list– that was supposed to happen sometime between 25 and 30– but here I am anyway. I wonder what 16-year-old me would think…

Other Updates:

1. We celebrated my white coat ceremony last Saturday. I passed my first semester of physical therapy school, and I have an official Emory School of Medicine coat to prove it!2. As part of his marathon training, Chip ran “only 11 miles” before my ceremony of Friday. My ultramarathon running classmate was delighted to hear someone else say the word “only” before “running 11 miles” while everyone else rolled their eyes ;). This weekend, Chip will run a 16 miler, his furthest distance yet! I promise I will make him write a post about his running soon.

3. I had my first physiology test this morning. It was mostly essay questions, and it took me the entire 2 hours that were allotted. It was fair test, but it covered a ton of material. After the test, I learned that the teacher considers this test to be more like a “quiz,” and the midterm will be comprehensive and 4 hours long. What have I gotten myself into?

4. Well, I guess I do like PT school most of the time. This afternoon, we got to play with lasers in interventions lab (they can be used to reduce inflammation and promote healing) and then we got to touch and examine a human brain in neuroscience lab. Tomorrow, one of the professors is bringing in her toddler age twins, and we are assessing their motor skills. If only PT school was all labs…

5. Mom and I met with a wedding photographer last Sunday, and we have now officially booked them! Engagement photos are included, so expect to see some of those in the near future. So we now have the venue, the wedding dress, and the photographer. Next up: a band, bridesmaid dresses, save the dates/invitations. Can we just skip to cake tasting? 😛

*UPDATE* I made a last minute appointment to look at a trunk show for bridesmaid dresses, and dragged Caroline along to model. We found the ones we wanted within 30 minutes. Bridesmaids dresses -> check!