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It’s finally fall, which means its pumpkin season! The first thing I decided to make after tracking down some canned pumpkin was some pumpkin muffins. I looked at several recipes online, but didn’t see any that were exactly was I was craving. So I made up my own recipe. Requirements: must have chocolate, tons of ginger and spices, and at least be sort of healthy. Here is what I came up with:As for the directions, I think you’re supposed to mix the dry ingredients first, then add the wet ones, then gently fold in the add ins (candied ginger and chocolate chips), or something like that…but I just kind of mixed everything together at once, and they turned out just fine! I baked them in a regular size muffin tin at 350 for 25 minutes, and it made 12 muffins.I thought they were fantastic, but if you don’t LOVE ginger like I do, you may want to sub out the candied ginger for nuts, raisins, or more chocolate. All the chunks of candied ginger in these are pretty intense. You have been warned.

The other can of pumpkin was used to make some pumpkin turkey chili using this recipe from Serious Eats. Chip made the chili one night while I was studying, and we really enjoyed it! The only change to the recipe we made was using a 28-oz can of Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes instead of a 14-oz can of regular diced tomatoes. More tomatoes = better. And Muir Glen’s fire roasted ones are pretty amazing. I highly recommend them. And no I’m not getting paid to say this online, unfortunately.

October is apparently not only the start of pumpkin season, but it has become the new wedding season. Chip and I have a wedding to go to almost every weekend, which is awesome. We had a blast at Kristen and Ryan’s last weekend, and despite my best intentions to take lots of pictures that night with old high school friends (including the bride! whoops.), I ended up with a only few blurry failed photo attempts and this one of me and Chip:I’ll try to do better next time…

Wedding Update:

Chip and I are getting our engagement photo shoot done in Athens, GA on October 23rd! This will be meaningful to us since we met in Athens two summers ago, and I lived there for the first 6 months that we dated. Also, I think I wanted an excuse to visit Athens ;). We will probably choose a photo from this shoot to go with our save the dates, so hopefully we will get those out before the holidays roll around!