I sat down at the computer and stared into a blank screen for a good ten minutes. I kept thinking to myself that I am really going to have make an effort with this blog thing because, hell, it’s been up for months and I haven’t even wrote the first sentence. I thought, “Man, I am really going to have to write something that is super interesting and thoughtful so that all the people that read this won’t think that I am completely boring.” Then reality hit me. No one is going to read this. I might as well be keeping a diary. I could divulge my inner most thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears. I could let go each and every secret that I have sworn to take to my grave and still……… no one would give a shit because no one is going to read this.

Ahhh, that’s better. Now I am free to write whatever I please. As you may have guessed (seeing as the URL to this thing is tylerandchip,) I am engaged to be married to the brilliant and beautiful Tyler Tredway. I am sure you have already heard about the venue, the date, and all the other details that you have to pretend to care about so I am going to focus on other things.

Tyler started PT school during the summer at Emory. I am super proud of her for pursuing what she wants in life. It was not an easy road for her at all. Like so many these days, she graduated from undergrad and really didn’t know what she was going to do or where she was going to go. She made her mind up and totally committed to the process of getting into a program. First, she had to prepare for and take the GRE. Needless to say, she slayed it. After that she had to knock out some prereqs at GSU and began applying to PT schools. She was not sure that she was going to get in anywhere but ended up getting into her first choice, Emory, which is a top ranked program. Emory is of course very expensive and very challenging but I am sure that it will all be worth it in the end.

Similar to Tyler, I graduated from GSU MBA in December of 2009. I started looking for a job while I was still in school but it became a full time job when I graduated. I sent out hundreds of resumes, did so many interviews, and got rejected more times than I could count. At one point, I started putting the rejection letters up in my room. In May of 2010 Mom and Dad told me that my job search was over which translates into we are not giving you anymore money. Who could blame them, I was nearly 30 for God’s sake. Early in May, I took a temp position at a Sub-prime auto lending firm at 10 dollars an hour. I secured full time work with them after 2 weeks. A week after that the Department of Education called and told me that they wanted me. The actual interview was in March so I had completely written it off. That phone call was in May. I didn’t actually start with the Department until August so I had to bide my time at Auto Finance knowing the whole time that I was leaving.

Since then, things have been great. I have been with the Department for over a year and have been promoted. Tyler is in school and doing well. We went on vacation with Tyler’s family over the summer and I asked them for their consent to marry their daughter. I proposed in June on our 2 year anniversary. Currently we have not had that much time to hang out and socialize with our buddies because we have both been so damn busy. Tyler studies constantly and I am training for a marathon. For the last 4 months, with like 1 exception, I have forfeited my Friday nights in order to get up and do a long run on Saturday. Two weeks ago I started fighting an injury that I was afraid would take me out of the race but now it looks like I am going to be fine. Tyler, my sister and I are running the Savannah rock and roll marathon on November the 5th and I can’t wait….. They are doing the half and I am doing the full.

Updates that no one will read to come.