Chip is officially a marathon runner as of last Saturday! His sister Elizabeth and I were there to support him and also to run the half marathon. There were also several of my physical therapy school classmates there who were running the half.

It was great racing weather– sunny and in the low 50s — and a very flat course, which was refreshing after training on lots of hills in Atlanta. Unfortunately, Chip, Elizabeth, and I were all feeling under the weather with a cold, but that was not about to stop us from running!

The morning of the race, I was not feeling my best, and it was definitely not the most fun half marathon I’ve ever done… the first 8 miles felt pretty good, but after that it got really, really difficult! I ended up finishing in under 2 hours with my physical therapy school friends, with our pace getting faster as the race went on. The only explantation I have for this performance is that I wanted that race to be over so badly! I was also feeling too sick to indulge in the free beer after the race (what?!).

Chip had to modify his time goals because of being sick and having IT band pain. He ended up finishing in just under 4 hours, which is very impressive for a first marathon! When Chip and I first started dating, I used to drag him on 4 mile runs runs with me. He gradually got hooked on running, and once he set his mind on doing a marathon, he improved ridiculously quickly!

We were excited about the race being on a Saturday instead of a Sunday like most races, so we could go out and celebrate in downtown Savannah that night. However, being sick combined with running the race really wore us out, and we ended up sleeping the rest of the day. We only woke up to eat dinner, and then went back to sleep! Not exactly how we envisioned the weekend, but we did get a chance to visit with some of Chip’s good friends in Savannah. We stayed with Machi on Saturday night and got to spend some time with his adorable 2-year-old boy, and on Sunday we had brunch with John and Joey and their girlfriends before heading back up to Atlanta.

Since then, I’ve been studying nonstop for my physiology test, but now I am DONE and enjoying a glass of red wine while waiting for the salmon and veggies that are in the oven to cook :).

And in case you missed it, here is a sampling of our engagement pics up on our photographer’s blog!

UPDATE: Just ate the dinner I had in the oven, and it was fantastic! I spread Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter over Alaskan salmon before baking for an interesting twist on maple glazed salmon, and it turned out even better than I expected! Go find some pumpkin butter and make this soon! Seriously.