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1. I am finished with my first 2 semesters of PT school, which are apparently the hardest ones, and I now have 4 WEEKS OFF!! I have been looking forward to this since I started school in June. “Just make it to December, and you will be fine,” was the mantra repeated to us by the second years and the faculty. Well, December is here, and I survived!! 

2. Chip scored us a lightly used washer and dryer for a hundred bucks, so we can now do laundry in our apartment! No more dragging our dirty clothes to the laundry mat and paying per load. This is a huge deal. I know, our lives are so thrilling. Be jealous.


3. We finally ordered Save the Date cards, and we will send them after Christmas. In the meantime, you can check out our Wedding Info page. There is not really any new and exciting information, but it no longer says “Coming Soon”, so that is progress, right? Let us know if there is anything you would like us to add.

4. Countdown to the wedding = 149 days! It would have been cooler if I had posted yesterday and could say 150 days. Oh well.

5. Sometimes, Chip is sweet and decides to cook for the both of us. Maybe one day I will make tons of money as a physical therapist, and Chip can stay at home to clean, take care of the kids, and have dinners like this ready for me when I get home:

spinach salad with tilapia and mango salsa. and a shock top belgian white beer.

That would be the life. But seriously, we try to take turns cooking for each other, and it works out really well! Tonight, we are having another couple over and I am making red pepper risotto. I think it will be delicious 🙂