I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day regardless of my relationship status. One of my favorite Valentine’s Days involved going out with friends and enjoying a big, fat piece of chocolate cake with my roommate on out couch afterwards. Another year, we had a Grey’s Anatomy watching/cosmo drinking/chocolate truffle eating party that was pretty fantastic.

For the past three Valentine’s Days, I’ve had Chip to celebrate with, which I guess is almost as good as indulging in lots of chocolate with girlfriends. Kidding! Chip and I have lots of fun celebrating Valentine’s Day together. Our first was in 2010. We went rock climbing together then made a surf-and-turf meal and shared a bottle of red wine. This was back when Chip did not have a real kitchen table. As you can kind of see in the picture, he and his roommate used a small patio table that had slits in the top. Red wine + a table top with holes in it = disaster waiting to happen. Yeah, we totally spilled the wine. It went right through the table onto the white carpet, and we had to pause our romantic dinner to do an emergency clean-up. Chip proved to be the more domestically skilled one when he quickly grabbed a big container of salt and dumped it on the puddle of wine. The salt soaked the wine right up, and the carpet beneath was unstained after a quick scrub. Crisis averted.

For V-Day 2011, Chip and I decided to try something we had never done before– making our own sushi. We love sushi and eat it frequently, especially since there is a reasonably priced sushi restaurant about a mile from (then his, now our) apartment. Making ourselves was a fun challenge, and our rolls looked pretty good for a first attempt!

homemade sushi with salmon, mango, and cucumber

 This year was actually the first year we’ve gone out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. We celebrated a few days late because Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday, and I had a Medical Genetics midterm on Friday. So after my test was finally over on Friday night, we went out to a restaurant called Ecco. Ecco is known for their fabulous cocktails, amazing selection of cheeses and cured meats, and fresh seasonal menu. All the food we ate was incredible!

I didn’t take any pictures (despite the fact that I brought my camera AND it was actually charged for once), but I found some pictures from the restaurant online that look way better than I could have taken anyway:

the interior

meats and cheeses

piquillo pepper with braised beef....WE HAD THIS AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Ok, this post turned out way longer than I meant it to. To recap for those who don’t want to read all my ramblings:

  1. I like Chip enough to give up my eat-lots-of-chocolate-and-do-other-girly-stuff-with-my-single-friends Valentine’s Days.
  2. We went to Ecco this weekend and were in foodie heaven for a couple hours.